[documentation of music performance & theatre projects; 1991-1997]

The 1991 Project Klangarten was initiated by Christian Utz and Thomas Désy. It aims to free contemporary music of its boundaries by referencing other art forms and to open it up to new developments and access it through suitable presentation forms.
Performance venues that are beyond the aegis of the concert business should make these connections more transparent and appeal to new audiences.
Varied listening experiences and collaboration with other groups and artists in "work-in-progress" situations resulted in an integrative and interdisciplinarily-oriented form of music theater.
The performances were accompanied by a catalog series which surpassed the usual concert program booklet and reflected the interdisciplinary character of the events/performances.
Klangarten intends to contribute to the development of a platform for interdisciplinary and intercultural innovations that is independent of the performance establishment through the concept of a production space for contemporary music. We call this space FreiRAUM.